Emotional Release

From Crying for “No Reason” to Calm & Peaceful

Hi Fran! I haven't been the same since

Mind, Body & Soul Healing

Steve & Jean are amazing at making you feel comfortable

Calmness & Clarity

From the moment I saw the Harmonic Egg my body

Harmony Within

Located in beautiful Bainbridge Island, experiencing the magic of the

Bonding session mother and baby

After my second child I suffered with postpartum later than

Back pain, emotional release, and social anxieties

I have been going to the Harmonic Egg for 5

I am Still Feeling Stronger !!!

The feelings I got from my remote Harmonic Egg Session,

Felt a profound sense of calm and balance

I had an absolutely transformative experience with harmonic frequencies. Felt

Birth Trauma

As most of my friends know shortly before Elsbeth was

Clarity, Downloads, Deep Healing

My first session, I had no idea what to expect.