Release Anger and Ascend

Part two of my Vitality Room experiences! In my EMDR therapy, I have been doing a lot of trauma work on the anger I’ve held on to over my life. How it no longer serves me and I need to release it. So a big part of yesterday’s Harmonic egg session was liver work, where anger is held, and releasing that from the physical body. HOLY MOLY did I feel it 🤣 I can’t say I’ve ever felt a physical sensation like this in one of my organs until now. It was the trippiest thing, I could literally feel the fire burning and slowly putting itself out. I could feel the anger releasing in my body and lifting out of me… every single session is a different type of healing experience and I’ll never stop talking about it because EVERYONE needs to access this level of healing and ascending 😭🤍

- Courtney in Windham, Maine