Rabbits Love Egg!

I had a remote session with Harmonic Egg and it was wonderful, immediately helpful, and just what I needed at the time to help soothe my anxiety of my Lyme Diagnosis. My knee pain disappeared afterwards- which is where the Lyme had manifested for me. I was able to listen to my body better once the Egg had helped me clear out my inner chaos and discomfort. When it came time to bond my house rabbits (who had had a REALLY hard go of it, not getting along) I immediately knew that Harmonic Egg music would assist them (and me) in the process. I played Egg music for them every day almost when they were in their bonding room getting to know each other, and it honestly made all the difference. They are now happily, hoppily bonded bunnies and still enjoy the Kids Sanctuary Harmonic Egg track regularly. Thanks for all that you do to help animals and people (and beyond!)

With gratitude, Miss Rufio the Lop and Simon Kennedy the Lop🐰🐰
(And Marisa Love in NY)