Harmonic Egg Convergence

After having several sessions in the Harmonic Egg, I realized that this was the vehicle needed to uplift the frequencies blocking the truth hidden in the altar stone in Shakespeare’s church, Stratford-Upon-Avon, England. I am a director of the Shakespeare Foundation (https://theshakespearefoundation.org) and work closely with its founder, Alan Green, who has been decoding Shakespeare’s sonnets and plays for the past 20 years. Through his research, Alan has revealed the location of Shakespeare’s original hidden manuscripts and has scientifically proven through radar scanning that there are objects hidden in the massive altar stone at Shakespeare’s church. In over 400 years, no original documents by Shakespeare have ever been found. While recently doing a prayer vigil at the church for 40 days in April-May 2024, Alan ran into a lot of resistance for wanting to reveal, through more sophisticated radar scanning that did not violate the altar stone, what objects might be hidden inside it. So, Alan and I combined our efforts with Gail Lynn, the Harmonic Egg founder, and Deborah Toohey, the Egg guardian in Penryn, California, to create a global Harmonic Egg Convergence with the intent to reveal hidden truths around the world for the benefit of humanity and the Universe. Eleven Harmonic Egg centers were chosen to participate. Each one did a remote session using the same photos, intent, music and colors on the same day, May 22, 2024. The times of the sessions varied due to the different time zones. Within 24 hours, we could see an improvement in the energies around the altar stone and with the people involved with the church. The negativity was lifted and positive relationships were able to be developed. In addition, a few days later Gail Lynn saw a news release that showed hidden archeological structures being revealed in Greece. The Harmonic Egg sessions were successful. Although we are still working to reveal the objects in the altar stone, the frequencies around the world have lifted and hidden truths are being revealed…and this is just the beginning!