Human-Dog Bond

My Dog’s Eye Disease Improved Through Me

I have had Lanzo since he was a puppy. He is a 5 ½ year old German Shepard and we live at 1,600 ft. elevation in the Northern California Sierra foothills. No one ever told me that German Shepards are genetically predisposed to getting an eye disease, called Pannus, when they live at elevation. The signs are raised opaque pink plaques or red vessels on the cornea of both eyes which, if left untreated, could result in blindness. For German Shepards, this first appears around the age of 5. When I first saw these signs in Lanzo’s eyes, I was shocked. I immediately took him to the vet and we treated it with medication. The pink plaques disappeared, but in their place they left dark pigmentation spots on the side of the cornea. The vet informed me that because it is an autoimmune disease, I would have to medicate Lanzo’s eyes daily for the rest of his life and the dark pigmentation would always be there. A few months after this, I had several Harmonic Egg sessions for myself. Part of the intent that I set was to help heal my glaucoma, which is an eye condition that can damage the optic nerve and cause blindness. I found it interesting that both Lanzo and I had eye problems. After my Egg sessions, I had my eyes tested and the pressure in my eyes dropped from 17 to 13. My ophthalmologist couldn’t believe the improvement in less than a month. I was thrilled, but what really excited me was that in addition to the improvement in my eyes, when I took Lanzo to the vet a few weeks later for a check-up, the dark pigmentation on his eyes had almost disappeared and one eye looked totally normal. The vet was shocked and we decreased his eye medication by half. The amazing part of this story is truly the human-dog bond. Without having his own Egg session, Lanzo directly benefited from the healing frequencies that I received in my sessions! I will be scheduling his own session to continue his healing.