Calmer, Allergies Gone

Bangkok, 16 June 2024 - Working with Lulu remotely (as I did most of the time) or in person, gave me a great transformation in my body and mental/emotional area. Usually during the session I experience physical sensations and energy concentration. Five hours after were sometimes even quite bumpy with my emotional reactions. Nevertheless, the effect was always noticeable: change in my well-being, calmness of mind, relax and softness in body, or, very impressive one: disappearing of the allergy from my skin! Just a day after!

Harmonic Eggs are based on special technology that aims to bring us support on all fields, peace of mind, relaxation, transformation and most importantly coming back to our real selves, reaching deeply inside πŸ™πŸΌπŸŒŸ

Katarzyna Alicja Jankowska