Pet Health

Helping our little furry friend!

My dog fell in the spring and injured his back

Peace, relaxation and Pets

Mara is an extremely kind, knowledgable and warm person, she

Dolphin Remote Session

From the Dolphin organization...I ran a remote session for

Cyst on Horse gone in one session

My horse was kicked in the chest by another horse.

Kitty found his voice and is now audible...

After a few remote Harmonic Egg sessions:  "Now it&

Pet help to calm aggression

"I have been having regular Egg sessions and been

Pet Detox from eating a lead rope

“I had a dog mom whose dog ate lead. She

Rescue dog and trauma help

“I have had my rescue dog, Evie, for 2 years.

Dogs - OCD and Seizures

“I brought both my dogs to a session. One is