Pet help to calm aggression

"I have been having regular Egg sessions and been pleased with my progress. Then I heard that Jean also does remote sessions for pets. We have a 15 mo. old bulldog, Tinkerbell. We love her dearly and she makes us laugh every day but we had a few issues, she was quite rough with me, just due to her excitement, and not aware how sharp her claws are, and how strong she is, and she was having issues with our other dog, who usually starts it, but is small and could get hurt. After the session initially, Tinkerbell really had the zoomies, but within a few days she adjusted and has been much more gentle with me, and actually much more cuddly with everyone. We told her we knew the other dog starts the problems, but because she is so strong we worry that she might unintentionally end the other dog, which would break her mommy's heart, so we needed her to be a big girl and let us help. We know he is annoying and it's usually not her fault. The other day, the little dog started up again, and my grandson grabbed him and took him away. Tinkerbell looked at me like she was saying thank you, which is another great result, she makes and holds eye contact much more now, and from her actions we all feel like we are communicating more effectively. Overall she has become much more calm and cuddly in just a few days. Thank you this has been a God send, now we need to do the other little"  Yaana Allen