Insomnia and Digestive Issues

"I love being in the LiFT and learning all about it!  I notice for myself, I am sleeping more soundly and not waking up during the night.   Before the LiFT, I would wake up at 2 AM and was not be able to fall back asleep. I am working with a friend who has had digestive challenges.  She has done a couple of sessions in the LiFT here, and a remote session, she called me today and said she feels her digestive challenges have improved since she has been using the LiFT.  She feels that using the LiFT is an accumulative process for healing her body. Thank-you, Thank-you Gloria and Gail for all the work you are doing to change the way people can empower themselves to heal their own bodies without the use of  Pharmaceutical. Dr. Bruce Lipton once stated, there is no such thing as side effects to pharmaceuticals,  they are direct effects. 🤓 Thank-you for your help! " Norleen