Brain Support

Healed Vertigo

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Review from 13 year old on Autism Spectrum

The Harmonic Egg is an amazing experience that I recommend

Energy is the Medicine of the Future

As a practitioner of western medicine, I have found that

Anxiety, worry, and depression that I’ve got, disappeared from the depths of my heart.

I met the Harmonic Egg when I was traveling in

Back Pain Relief, Sleep and emotional battles were lifted

I purchased an "eggsperience" for myself, my husband, and our

Dolphin Remote Session

From the Dolphin organization...I ran a remote session for


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Stroke recovery

I had a stroke, and the physical therapist said it

Brain injury, my life is changed...

I've been to the Harmonic Egg in Eindhoven [Netherlands] about

Clarity, confidence, manifesting, remote session

I've had three experiences with the Harmonic Egg so far.