Harmonic Egg and Post Covid

In the weeks following a Corona booster more than a year ago, I started to experience severe muscle aches and inflamed joints, later followed by brain fog and severe fatigue. After six months of following the conventional medical route, including MRI’s , steroid injections, physiotherapy etc., I was diagnosed as having Post Covid. As there is no available treatment, I started to pursue the alternatieve route including osteopathy and acupuncture. Unfortunately, none of these treatments resulted in any sustainable relief or improvement.
By chance I came across the concept of the Harmonic Egg during a discussion with a friend who suggested I try this. Somewhat sceptical at the beginning I thought : “what is there to lose”? and I went ahead with my first treatment in Wassenaar under Victoria Andreeva’s supervision. This was an astonishing experience and for the first time in a year I felt relief! A minimum of four sessions was suggested for my condition and the result is that I am feeling much better : my walking has improved significantly, I no longer have inflamed joints and the brain fog and the fatigue have gone. Thank you Victoria for your help!!!