Back pain, emotional release, and social anxieties

I have been going to the Harmonic Egg for 5 months now, and it has helped me with my chronic lower back pain, releasing a lot of trapped emotions, and relieved a lot of my worries about attending social events. Since attending the Egg, I have become more aware of how to support my health and well being, and have easily been able to make positive changes including not drinking coffee, and decreasing my weekly alcohol intake. My pain affected my sleep, and was most noticeable when I was laying down at night or standing for long periods of time; I felt shooting pain go through my back when I tried to move or roll over at night. My pain was so bad in the morning that I wasn’t able to bend over and put on my socks without experiencing shooting pains. I have tried other therapies such as acupuncture and visiting an osteopath but didn’t find lasting results. After 2-3 sessions I noticed a change in my pain level, and noticed gradual relief. After 5 sessions in the Harmonic Egg my pain is gone and it hasn’t returned! All my life I have been taught that men don’t cry or show their emotions, and the only way I would be able to release those emotions is through anger; I can’t even cry in front of my own wife. But being in the Egg I released a lot of those trapped emotions that would come out as anxiety and stress that affected my health, and now I feel lighter! I think this also helped with not feeling anxious being in social settings as well. I healed myself with the assistance of the Harmonic Egg. I am relieved, have more restful sleeps, and thankful for the Egg to be able to facilitate my healing, and have decided to continue to attend sessions on a regular basis.

Jason, Age 46
Calgary, AB, Canada