Birth Trauma

As most of my friends know shortly before Elsbeth was born I was hospitalized in an emergent situation due to two pulmonary embolisms and what followed after admittance, delivery and postpartum left me with extreme PTSD. Somthing I probably should talk about more. But I literally trauma blocked most of the memories after Elsbeth was born and after months of therapy I had not gotten them back.

Now my amazing friend Franni Welter and the owner of Vibrational Miracles Harmonic Egg Plamondon reached out to me and said that I was on her mind and she felt I needed a session in her harmonic egg. She had really no idea of the trama I endured.

As this was my first time going I had no idea what to expect. But almost immediately as the music started I felt a huge emotional release. I cried, but the best part of that session was I recovered some of my memories of Elsbeth.

After my session I was crying telling her about my birth and how ever since Elsbeth was born I had been struggling to feel that motherly bond. A week later Elsbeth and I had the most beautiful bonding session inside the egg.

We will be taking Elsbeth for a session shortly to help with some of the trama she was put though at her hospital stay and I do plan on going back. Even if it’s just for some other form of healing.

So if you haven’t tried the egg please check out Vibrational Miracles Harmonic Egg Plamondon and let Franni Welter help you with your journey.

She even has a promo right now.