Spiritual Healing

Emotional and Spiritual support

Every session has been very helpful for supporting my own

The Egg

I stepped inside, not knowing what I'd find

Grief Relief Therapy

Harmonic Egg Sessions 1. I was holding onto grudges and

Loved My Egg Session

"My experience was absolutely magnificent. I still cannot really

Mind, Body & Soul Healing

Steve & Jean are amazing at making you feel comfortable

Addiction Healing

I had a great day and I feel like my

I am a believer and I wasn’t sure before going in….

I can’t really put into words adequately what I

I am Still Feeling Stronger !!!

The feelings I got from my remote Harmonic Egg Session,

The soul knows what it needs

The egg heals mentally, spiritually and physically. Every experience is

Felt a profound sense of calm and balance

I had an absolutely transformative experience with harmonic frequencies. Felt