Spiritual Healing

MOST relaxed I've ever been

Time in the Harmonic Egg is the MOST relaxed I've

Harmony, Joy, Love - Self Care

My experience with the Harmonic Egg at Golden Age Healing

Go in with an open mind and a childlike curiosity

My Harmonic Egg experience in Eindhoven [Netherlands] with Ydwine. It

Improved Sleep & Energy

I love the Harmonic Egg! I love that I get

Divine messages, hormonal balance, and central nervous system healing

As a healer myself, I always have skepticism when I

Trauma Release (parent and child)

When I found LightPathways both my daughter and I were

Emotional and physical stress

I love the Egg! At a time when I was

Health and wellness, mental health

This should be a must in everyone's life for your

Pain, deep sleep, great energy levels

I don't know how to express in words how great

Changed My Life, Peace that I never knew I could feel.

The Rocky Mountain Harmonic Egg has changed my life. It