The Egg

I stepped inside, not knowing what I'd find
An angelic journey went on in my mind. It took me to some places, that I had tucked away,
To surface and release that, today was that day.

I let it slowly move up, as each tear rolled down each cheeks,
Hoping I'd find some answers, that I would seek,
I let it move on through me, I did not resist.
It worked its way up and out into a mist.

As I traveled, I past familiar faces on the other side.
My friends, my family, the ones who've died.
It was good to see them as I floated through,
Then I stopped by a park bench that I knew.

I imagined my heroes, sitting on each side of me, where we sat to talk,
They encouraged me, then I continued to walk.
Then next, it was Jesus, right there next to me,
He showed me things, that I just could not see.

I let go, in this realm of light and sound,
A new kind of peace I found.
My breath went deep,
I experienced a healing kind of sleep.

--Jeanene Kranyik