Grief Relief Therapy

Harmonic Egg Sessions

1. I was holding onto grudges and anger following the loss of my brother and surrounding traumatic circumstances. Session was Healing Music with Mantras & Green Light- tingling in lips, seeing a purple light with opening and closing of the third eye, slight headache after, feeling of peace and letting go after being less angry and more calm for weeks to follow.
Intention - Let Go

2. Spirituality Music & Blue Light- deep relaxation, slow and shallow breathing, jolting of whole body or twitching, feeling divine and safe, clarity allowing myself permission to move forward on my spiritual path, immediately noticed a scab on my face healing rapidly from earlier in the day, afterwards I felt tired and zen like for several hours in the late evening, tingling in my facial features, two visions of my deceased brother trying to visit me out of my peripheral vision and he caught me offhand so I pushed him away both times, slept heavy that night, extreme peace of mind with an extended pause of the grief I’ve experienced for nearly 3 months and ceased to shed a tear for weeks then if I did it was a short release.
Intention - Peace

3. Pink light at top / Green light at bottom & Music well I know I heard dolphins or whales, the piano & harp I believe maybe it was Frequency of Love but not sure. Grief makes me feel like I will never experience Joy again. During my session I had a reflection of my life journey and all the people I’ve been blessed with. While asking my creator to heal I had an immense sense of gratitude for the life that I’ve experienced. I saw that I’ve had a beautiful life and been blessed with many people and happy memories. Then my throat chakra closed up a bit tight before I had an emotional release with an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Each of my feet jolted once at separate times. Since my first harmonic egg session my menstrual cycle duration has decreased back to what used to be normal for me.
Intention - Healing

4. I was really struggling missing Max for several weeks and not allowing myself permission to feel joy or vacation again without him. It had been 7 weeks since my last session. I felt very drawn to wanting an egg session and drove 4 hours one way to get one. On the trip there so many signs began and after that trip I felt as though Max was trying to communicate with me letting me know that no matter where I go he is always with me. It started off by driving through Maxville, then Max music was on XM. Followed by my egg session. Blue light at top; pink light at bottom. Cleansing, vibrational music with the sound of the ocean to renew the spirit. The egg guardian did have me rub frankincense essential oils on my hands. Immediately I felt a change in atmospheric pressure near my lower legs just before she shut the door. During the egg session I did feel a sharp vertical volt almost through my right side near the root chakra. During the session I repeated twice what Max has said to me “I love you my Nikola Tesla of a sister”. I then asked my spirit guides or source to allow myself permission to experience joy. Almost immediately I released some tears rolling down my cheeks and all of the sudden I felt like a warm palm of a hand was placed on my forehead on the upper right side which I believed to be a spirit ether comforting or healing me. I felt as throw my throat and heart chakra were opening up. After the session I went to get food and Freebird played at the restaurant as I sat down; one of the two songs played at his service. On my way home this time I saw an artist named Max on XM and of course passed through Maxville again. The very next day something fell in my bosses office. When I went to check she said “ I don’t know how that picture frame fell it’s never fallen for no reason” I picked up the photo and the backdrop read “Max”! I felt at such peace after that because I felt Max was letting me know that he was always with me. I was so happy, giddy, and energetic for days afterwards.
Intention - Permission to Feel Joy