Illness & Disease

Resonant Frequency Therapies for Illness & Disease

Believing is Seeing - chemo and radiation and so much more!

The reason I started to visit Victoria’s Harmonic Egg

Health and wellness, mental health

This should be a must in everyone's life for your

Severe Illness Gone in One Session

For the past 10 years, I had suffered from a

Cyst on Horse gone in one session

My horse was kicked in the chest by another horse.

My new trees survived

I moved to a property that was pretty barren and

Changed My Life, Peace that I never knew I could feel.

The Rocky Mountain Harmonic Egg has changed my life. It

No Panic attacks in 4 months

I love the Egg. Everywhere I go I tell people

PTSD, Anxiety

"I visited the egg to alleviate my PTSD and general

Pain relief, rejuvenation, healing, alertness

"I’ve been wanting to try the Harmonic Egg since

Healing, Consciousness, Empowerment, Rest

"The harmonic egg has been such a magical journey for