“The experience of starting a business with The Harmonic Egg® has been a joy. The installation was very smooth & coordinated and the training provided by Gail was very thorough. We felt like there was enough time allowed to answer all of our many questions. When the training was over we felt ready to begin running our center. Gail has always been on hand to answer questions as they arise. I feel completely supported by her and her team.

As we have proceeded in our business we have loved having Owner’s Meetings and the opportunity to meet, virtually, and hear from the other Egg Center owners. We feel that Gail has created a wonderful team environment for all to share, learn and create a great team of Harmonic Egg® Centers to provide a beautiful, gentle and safe healing modality.

We are looking forward to many years of providing this much needed healing service to our community & being part of this wonderful group of owners.”