“We have worked for others most of our lives and the thought of owning our own business was daunting. From our very first encounter with Gail we knew she believed in us and our vision of being sole proprietors owning a healing clinic with the Harmonic Egg® as its centerpiece. She has proven her honesty, integrity and transparency many times over from the moment we decided to purchase our Eggs to the present. She coached us through the planning process, was available to guide us through the business aspects and delivered two information packed days of training with supporting materials. Gail made the best choice in partnering with Daryl and Tony to manufacture the Eggs as they also made us feel welcome with our endless questions. Gail has continued to be available for coaching and mentoring as we move along the path to a successful business. We feel very supported by Gail and we feel we are part of a family of people who understand the importance of the technology which Gail has brought forward. Gail has been and continues to be the biggest cheerleader for our fledgling business. We count our blessing that we found Gail, the technology and the Harmonic Egg® family.”