The Experiences of a Teenager

I’ve been attending the Harmonic Egg off and on for 2 years; I was introduced to this by my step-mom who thought it would be beneficial for me to attend to help my emotional processing. I had a lot of mental turmoil, it was hard for me to get unstuck. Each time I would move forward I would fall back down into the depression. Going into the Egg was a way of recognizing I had trauma and I wanted to take steps forward to heal the damage done to me in the past, and not let it affect me everyday. In the Egg I often experience my mind giving me images to help my body and soul give an understanding to what I am going through. An example of that is plucking glass shards out of your heart to relieve past anxiety, stress, and trauma’s that have been lodged and stuck in your heart. The Harmonic Egg is a process that will slowly over time, remove those glass shards until your heart is free and clear of negative energy, and not letting things affect me so much. Words became words instead of cutting so deep, and understanding the actions of other people and how they behaved towards me was because that is their own way of expressing themselves and I don’t want them to affect me as a person. The Egg brings a sense of calming and relief, and a feeling of rejuvenation like having a fantastic nap.

Nathan, Age 16