Depression, Calming Chaos, Dealing with Suicide

The Harmonic Egg saved my life! I know that might sound like some hype but I mean this literally. It kept me from taking my life. You see, days before my first session, my son and only child took his life. I found myself in an involuntary, inexplicable battle to save my own. Every cell in my body was at war, with the world and with itself. My entire being embodied the word "chaos." I am not discounting traditional therapies, but I knew from the depths of where I was that nothing ordinary would ever be able to reach me. I don't even know how I found Carol and her heavenly chamber. I have no doubt now that it was orchestrated by a higher power. The moment I stepped through the door of Harmonic Wholeness I knew I was taking my first step back into this world, to finish whatever it is, that is keeping me here. I cannot believe it has been a year now. I am still on this journey of healing, still visiting the egg from time to time; giving my nervous system the nourishment and calming it needs to carry me the next step, and the next. I tell everyone willing to listen, who is open enough and sometimes desperate for the thing they need, to escape the stigma after traditional therapies, and catch their breath. If only I'd known of this amazing Harmonic Egg before, I would have shared it with my son, who was so low he couldn't reach any of us. I know it would have helped calm his chaos. I know my case is extreme, but if it helped me, maybe it could help you.
-Sonya A.

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