PTSD - first responders and veterans

"When I was in the midst of a journey through complex post-traumatic stress disorder. a result of several traumas I
experienced as a police officer. I was introduced to a therapy that was experimental at that time. which is now the gold
standard and go to treatment. I became a sound therapist using many different tools to work with my clients including Solfeggio-calibrated tuning forks, Native American drums, gongs, and metal and crystal singing bowls.


Especially with regard to high levels of stress, distress, and post-traumatic stress were astounding - the power of sound cannot be denied and the peer-reviewed scientific research is validating this Truth.
A couple of years ago I was introduced to the Harmonic Egg, an upgraded technology on something that was available in the 60's and has now been refined and significantly enhanced by the engineer and designer, Gail Lynn, and it is very exciting to know that this is being offered right here in our beautiful community by Mary Hastings.

The Harmonic Egg stands out in the world of sound therapy because of its ability to take the healing power of sound and increase its effectiveness. nI my vast experience I've not found its equal for rapidly calming sympathetic nervous system dominance by putting us into parasympathetic restoration. That's a fancy way of saying it works quickly to restore balance to the body. mind and Spirit.
As a retired police officer, I don't give endorsements lightly. Any modality of healing or technology is
put to the test. Few make the grade. but in the case of the Harmonic Egg, it has earned the endorsement and personal recommendation."  Rodger Ruge, CHPC Podcast Host at