Reset the Nervous System, regulate hormones, improve immune function

"As a competitive endurance athlete. Doctor of Oriental Medicine, and co-owner of a successful healing center for the past 10 years. I continually search for holistic forms of medicine that safely supports myself and our client's systems to function optimally. The Harmonic Egg offers a powerful customized combination of vibration. light therapy. and sound therapy that gently activates the body's energy systems to improve circulation and promote regulation of stress hormones on a cellular level. It has become a regular part of my weekly maintenance plan because I have not only experienced improved performance and recovery time, but my overall immune function, energy. and quality of sleep are better too! | highly encourage taking time to invest in your health and experience the healing benefits of the Harmonic Egg for yourself. In a stressful world where our nervous system is on overload. give yourself the gift to go "in utero" with the Harmonic Egg. It's time to fully relax. quiet the mind, and reset your sympathetic nervous system. Your body and spirit will thank you."

Dr. Yeonsoha Yu

DOM, Co-Owner of Perfect Pair 4 Balance, Creator of NHMTR and
Meridian Activation Protocol.
CAT 1 XC Racer, TMBRA ist Place, Gortex Transrockies Trail Runner