Deeply Relaxed, emotional healing, itching gone and lightness

Okay. After coming back to Planet Earth, jumping out of that Egg, I have really to say that it is an amazing experience. I can't describe it really in English that much and that detailed. I would love to because it was an emotional trip for me. In the beginning, I was a bit skeptical because you feel closed in this Egg. And then after a while the music, the tones, the vibrations come into your body. I found my inner frequency tone, which is lovely. I did not know exactly anymore if I was singing my tone or not, so it was a part of me. I get goosebumps refreshing that memory that I had. It was really, really amazing. I would love to do that a second time. I feel really, deeply relaxed. A little animal bit me outside before I went into that machine [the Harmonic Egg]. It started to itch. The itch went away. It's gone away now. Definitely, it's lovely! The music comes from everywhere. Because of the form, I guess, there are some vibrations in that Egg. You feel that your body is also absorbing the frequencies of the music, the piano. It's really a colorful experience inside. I felt heavy at the beginning and very light at the end. Maybe I lost 20 kilograms! Thank you very much for that experience! ~ Axel (a violinist) from Germany with Harmonic Egg Thailand Watch his testimonial in English: