Reduced pain, improved focus, and social skills.

"Physically, I have needed relief from an auto-immune disorder and from the pain. I also have had sciatica and aspergers as well as ADHD & anxiety. I had sort of lost hope that I could get past a certain point of healing or functionality, but knew the egg would support my journey with safety and care. At this writing, I have had 8 weekly sessions in the egg. Each time, while in the egg, the experiences are similar but also unique. Immediately after my first session, my pain level (which was all over my body and joints) was reduced from waking up with a 7 pain level in the morning – to being able to wake up with at most a 1 or a 2 on the pain level – and many mornings with zero pain. Aspergers: I have been more able to look people in the eye when talking to them. It had been extremely hard to do so, to the point of my neck hurting and needing to move or ‘stim’ to stay focused and I used to feel very uncomfortable with the eye contact – and now am much more at ease and at peace with that.

ADHD: The ‘edge’ has been rubbed off? I’ve always been able to either focus hard – or be incredibly distractible. When I was distractible – I had coped by using an almost addict level of control to ‘get’ myself to focus through habit or strong arming myself. I’ve had to do what is needed to get things done. Now, I have more of a choice in the moment – to focus, take a break – commit to something etc.

Auto-immune: No specific diagnosis on ‘which’ auto-immune dysfunction I have – as I didn’t opt for all the tests. The closest my doctor got (due to facial rashes) is Lupus.  The aching and muscles and joint soreness has mostly gone – like almost completely. I had been doing all the right things regarding chiropractor, trying to eat decently and stretching – but only very partial relief for short periods of time. Now, the pain relief and peace in my body feels solid and here to stay. Stress: The amount of personal, business, and family stress I’ve had surrounding me since I started the egg sessions has been intense. Without the support of the egg sessions, I just might have been reduced to being in a fetal position in the corner – it’s been that much to handle. Yet I’m not. I still have some intense things to work through and deep wounds coming back around for more thorough healing – but in the midst of it – I feel strong and able to process. Perhaps more than at any other time in my life.

Voice: I used to hide. And I would not speak up very well. But I have been able to speak, make my voice heard and be powerful with my words even when it means no one else agrees or when people are actively against me. I’ll work on being able to do that in the moment and a little quicker, but the differences already are pretty amazing. I have mostly done well in one on one or with friends in my life, but my work and acquaintances and some unwanted publicity have made it necessary to ‘think on my feet’ and speak up. The changes have been a blessing to my projects and my ability to have less anxiety has given me more options to be engaged. Social anxiety: I used to be looking at my feet in stores, especially since I cannot wear a face mask due to the anxiety. Going out before Covid was hard – going out to stores in the midst of Covid rules has been excruciating. My body and mind have been a lot more peaceful and I’m not filled with anxiety while at the store anymore. I am now laughing with the clerks and smiling and feeling very peaceful in stores. I still don’t like shopping in general, but at least I’m not miserable." Rayana Tucson