Multiple Sclerosis, Saving Grace

I was newly diagnosed with MS and stumbled across one of Britt's Instagram posts discussing how the egg could support symptoms and healing. Upon reaching out, Brittany was nothing short of amazing. She instantly invited me into her space and encouraged me to trust the healing process. I was nervous at first, but willing to try anything as I was determined not to let this recent diagnosis define me. Britt took the time to listen to my story, symptoms, fears, and hopes. Then she let the Harmonic Egg, Betty Lou, work her magic.

From the moment I entered the serene space, I was enveloped in an atmosphere of warmth and compassion. The welcoming ambiance of the Harmonic Egg immediately put me at ease, offering a sanctuary where I could let go of my worries and focus on healing. The caring guidance from Britt ensured that I felt supported every step of the way, allowing me to fully immerse myself in the experience without any apprehension. She gave detailed instructions for care in between sessions and was always supportive, even if I wasn’t quite ready to admit that things were working.

Through gentle vibrations and soothing sounds, the Harmonic Egg seemed to resonate to my core. As I surrendered to the healing energies surrounding me, I could feel my body responding with a newfound sense of purpose, calm, and clarity. Things started to “click” in so many parts of my life that I hadn’t even “asked” for. Improved digestion, skin clarity, ease of anxieties, and improved patience to share a few.

But perhaps the most remarkable aspect of my time in the Harmonic Egg was its profound impact on my MS symptoms. From alleviating muscle stiffness, reducing fatigue, and eliminating most of my tingling and numbness, the therapeutic benefits were undeniable. It was as if each session served as a catalyst for my body to reconnect with its innate ability to heal and thrive.

The space Brittany had created at Resonance is something that needs to be experienced to understand fully. Everyone deserves the chance to experience the Egg and feel the hope it brings. The traditional medical system had essentially told me that there was nothing else they could do. To stick with the drugs and hope for the best. I knew this didn’t sit right with me and I am grateful every day that I stumbled across Brittany and Betty Lou. The hope I have for a long, healthy future is restored and the positive experience in the Harmonic Egg has saturated all areas of my life. If you are struggling with any autoimmune disorders and feel like you have lost your way. Reach out to Brittany, you won’t regret it.