Rescue dog and trauma help

“I have had my rescue dog, Evie, for 2 years. She is a 14-year-old puggle and she was rescued from a high kill shelter in Texas. When I got her, she had barely any hair left and was in pretty bad shape. She was also overweight. Since I got her she has had nothing but health issues–chronic bronchitis, pancreatitis, thyroid issues and allergies. She has been in and out of the vet. I had also tried holistic medicines and just about everything I can think of. I took her into the Harmonic Egg® and since that night her chronic coughing has been reduced significantly. She now sleeps through the night and only has a few coughing episodes during the day. This alone has drastically changed both of our lives.
Before going into the Harmonic Egg®, she also had some benign tumors that have all shrunk in size and she is way more energetic and almost puppy-like. Even on our ride home from the Harmonic Egg®, it was almost as if she were a different dog. She has lost a few pounds without me changing her diet and she also hasn’t had a pancreatic flare up since. She is cuddlier and more trusting of me and now lies on her back for belly rubs. I know she feels more comfortable and at ease with me now because I think she’s been able to let go of her past a bit.
I know some of this sounds crazy and I am still in shock. I 100% believe it was all because of the Harmonic Egg®, and I can’t thank Gail enough.”  Leanne J