I was at Peace and Back in Balance

I highly recommend . . . If you are experiencing, depression, stress, fatigue, pain, or any symptoms associated with your mind-body-spirit (past or present), that you make an appointment with Sandy Schneider at Mind Body Harmonics, in Kihei (in person or remote). My first in person appointment in the Harmonic Egg had to do with extreme emotional and mental trauma, due to four of my dear friends dying within a few weeks. (This was before the devastating Maui fires.) For five days, my entire body inside and out shook. I couldn't concentrate or work, I wasn't eating or sleeping well. I was depressed. People had never seen me in this condition. As I laid in the Harmonic Egg with the sound and color light frequencies, I could feel the heavy energy moving out of my chest, body and head. When I finished my session my entire Being was at peace and back in balance.