Energy is the Medicine of the Future

As a practitioner of western medicine, I have found that it does not have all the answers.  In fact, it falls short, and can cause harm to the body. The science behind the therapeutic, healing effects of sound and vibration combined is well documented.  If it can cause regression of Alzheimer's plaques in mice, it can definitely heal other physical ailments! While we're at it, it can heal nonphysical ailments as well!  An example I can give is the warmth I felt during a session, which occurred in a small area of my body specifically where I have pain. I have not had pain there since, and that was two weeks ago.  Overall, the amazing feeling I had after just one session was unlike anything I'd felt before. I just felt GREAT!   I firmly believe energy is the medicine of the future, which is now!  Sandy is also one of the very best humans I've ever had the privilege of meeting.  She walks you through the session very thoroughly beforehand and afterward sits to discuss the experience and sort of "process" it with you.  I felt so valued and cared for.  I cannot say enough about Sandy and the Harmonic Egg as an invaluable treatment modality.