Grounded, Release, Clarity

I have done so much work and healed so much... this is way next level.  Highly recommend... for me the egg cuddle and nurtured me like a mother and rocked me back and forth as I slowly was grounded and then taken to where all the loving support of the universe lives.  I was looking for love and was showed answered to things that are in my mind.  I was so grounded and released so much I cried thru the whole session.  The tears were just coming down as i was just being cuddle in this love energy.  My third eye was opened like never before and I was shown the huge support team I have...I felt alone.. and then I was showed I never am.. truly magical highly recommend.  ✨️  I will continue this journey.  Peace, love, support, grounding.. exactly what my being needed today.  Mahalo❤️❤️❤️