Go in with an open mind and a childlike curiosity

My Harmonic Egg experience in Eindhoven [Netherlands] with Ydwine.

It is difficult to find the words when you don't know much about energy and frequencies, but I will try. When I try something new I go in with an open mind and a childlike curiosity and that is probably a good advise for anybody - no expectations, so you can receive. In the first few minutes I relaxed and almost immediately was taken on a journey and pictures appeared. I was blessed to meet someone and had a active conversation that was guiding me. Even though I went in for something totally different, I received exactly what I needed at that moment. The kindness and love I was able to feel is out of this world and I strongly believe that we are all protected and guided by something higher. When my session was over, it felt like I was only in there for minutes and my body felt very relaxed and light - almost like a total reset.

I will for sure go back and have another session. Ydwine is very intuitive and kind and her knowledge will ease your tension if you go in for the first time. Everybody can benefit, but the experience is very individual. Just have an open mind and be curious.

This is probably one of the future healing tools.