Brain injury, my life is changed...

I've been to the Harmonic Egg in Eindhoven [Netherlands] about 4 times now. Every time it is a special experience, every time in a different way. And after every session I feel a little better.

I've fallen on my head just too often in my life, which means that I'm dealing with cognitive complaints and my 'world' has become extremely small due to overstimulation.

Since I've been in the egg a lot has changed, if not everything. Where I used to have to schedule a few additional days between appointments, my agenda is now fuller than ever. Driving takes much less energy. I've been to a concert a few times. The second concert was a guitar concert that turned out to last almost 4 hours! After a good night's sleep I just felt good again.

I have not been abroad for years. I have dared to book a holiday abroad now! My problem solving skills have started to come back.

I'm much brighter, I'm more cheerful and a nicer partner, if I do say so myself :). I am incredibly grateful that the Harmonic Egg came my way. Because I never dreamed that I would recover again. My egg session is also a wonderful, relaxing experience. What a gift. I am very grateful to Gail Lynn, the Eindhoven egg and of course, Ydwine.