Changed My Life, Peace that I never knew I could feel.

The Rocky Mountain Harmonic Egg has changed my life. It has such an incredible ability to shift energy and raise the vibration in the being. I noticed it after the very first time I went in. Since then, I have been in several times (20, if we're really counting 😁). Sometimes it's hard to recognize a lifetime state of dis-ease or discomfort in the body until the absence of it makes it glaringly obvious. I have been in a state of fight, flight or freeze since childhood. Since I began my sessions in the egg, I have noticed a peace that I never knew I could feel. Each time I experience the egg I notice that I am calmer, I feel more peace within my core, I am happier, more patient, I sleep better... the list goes on. My being is balancing out. ...and what an amazing feeling it is! True inner peace... it really exists! As someone who plays the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls regularly, my experiences in the egg have changed the way I facilitate my sessions in such a beautiful way. It has allowed for more energetic shifting within my self and, in turn, those who experience the sessions I facilitate. I am so thankful for the experiences I have had and I have so much appreciation for Fiona and her strong intuitive guidance. Thank you, Fiona, for bringing this amazing Harmonic Egg to Cochrane and for being so good at what you do. Much gratitude and appreciation! See you again, soon! 😁🙏💖. Jessica A