My new trees survived

I moved to a property that was pretty barren and I had heard stories from the neighbors that 50% of the trees they plant die.  I was mortified when I spent $10,000 planting 15 trees (required by the homeowners association).  I put a photo of the trees in my Harmonic Egg and I did go out and talk to them often for a year.  They survived the winter and it's Spring and they are doing really well.  Not one single loss!  I don't know if it was the sessions in the Egg, my talking to them, or I was just lucky.  I am going with the Egg sessions and my love for them.  I am not that lucky.  LOL!  PS...I did about 5 sessions in the year for them.  Five of them were iffy for a few months, but all a doing great.  ~GL