Trauma Release (parent and child)

When I found LightPathways both my daughter and I were experiencing disruptive symptoms from a previous trauma. I was worried, scared, and unsure of how to move forward. Deborah's approach and introduction to what could be accomplished at her center immediately put me at ease and gave me a ray of hope. And, I definitely wasn't disappointed.

My daughter (age 4 and 5 years at the time) and I participated in sessions together that had an instant, observable effect for both of us. I experienced and observed improved emotional regulation, immediate soothing, decreased anxiety, and better quality of rest. These sessions calmed and healed both of us so that we were able, in our own separate ways, to move forward and make sense of what had previously felt chaotic and unmanageable. Our session times became one of our favorite activities to look forward to, and words cannot express the deep, lasting effect they had on both of us.

Both Deborah and Ryan always made us feel immediately comfortable, cared for, and welcome as soon as we'd walk through the door of the center. Their commitment to and passion for bringing this incredible healing work to the community is remarkable and this 'work' truly impacted our wellness both immediately and in the long-term. I highly recommend LightPathways Wellness Center for addressing and  healing anything that isn't in alignment in your life.