Anxiety & Stress

Harmonize the Body to Reduce Stress & Anxiety

The Experiences of a Teenager

I’ve been attending the Harmonic Egg off and on

Bonding session mother and baby

After my second child I suffered with postpartum later than

Back pain, emotional release, and social anxieties

I have been going to the Harmonic Egg for 5

transformational, fear, mental health

Today, I get to experience my third harmonic egg session.

Swallowing issues gone!

I was having issues swallowing for months. I went in

Lung pain and congestion; burnout

I was suffering from extreme burnout from my work and

Improved sleep, sugar cravings reduced

First of all, the experience while in the egg was

Seeking Clarity

So I’ve tried this 2x now and I LOVE

Sleeping Soundly

I have had two Harmonic Egg sessions and found both

I was at Peace and Back in Balance

I highly recommend . . . If you are experiencing, depression, stress, fatigue,