Seeking Clarity

So I’ve tried this 2x now and I LOVE it. I’m now going monthly to enjoy the benefits. My sister thought I might like it and she was right! (Still trying to convince her to go and try it herself). For me, it’s like distraction free, super charged meditation, with help and guidance from Angels/guides/whatever you want to call them. I have epic clarity each session with insight and “instructions” on what to do next, relating to my challenge/problem that I’m working on.
Kathleen the owner, is AMAZING and we work together to set an intention of what I want to accomplish with each session.
IMO: If you are in a bit of a rut or need to have some super chill “me” time, this may be the thing for you! If you struggle with meditation and need help overcoming something specific, Kathleen can help you by fine tuning the colours, music and work through emotions, etc. She does Reiki too.
The sound and the colours inside the egg make it an experience you just can’t get otherwise. Google it for more info if you’re curious (I did, lol)
10/10 recommend!
Brandi P.
Calgary, AB, Canada