Seeing people with more Love and Compassion

Steve and Jean, I had a wonderful experience in the Harmonic Egg. I
felt such peace and relaxation, to the point of being “out of body” I
could feel the healing energy flowing through me, offering lite and
rejuvenation to my cells and the spaces in-between.

Ever since I have felt a lightness of soul and a clarity of vision.
Decisions that once seemed momentous now appear surmountable. I
am able to see people with more love and compassion, and my
responses are kinder. I believe I needed to overcome some of my own
burdens before I could more fully help others.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity for healing. The soul knows
what it needs; we just need to be willing to listen, make space in the
heart, and let the energy of God and the Universe flow within us.

May you both be blessed and feel the light shine.

-Matthew Richards