"Harmonic Egg
What can i say! You feel like you are going off in space, you enter this chamber your chair tilts back and I always choose a blanket for myself! Once the colors and the music of your choice begins it is as if your body comes to life and you are having this completely unique and awesome experience with yourself! Sometimes I have had a lot of body sensations, imagery work such as seeing pictures or images or completely travel into another world or my favorite sanctuaries! Once I even had one of the worst migraines ever and within 5 minutes it went away miraculously. I love that there is a huge binder full of what you would like to give attention to and there are associated musical instruments and colors that may help enhance and heal whatever you would like to work on! When the session is complete I feel like I just had a massage, like something was released, or that I just woke up from the deepest sleep I have ever
had! Very rejuvenating and magical!"   S.C. from Rancho Cordova, Ca