Dizziness, low energy and swollen lymph nodes

Thank you, Donna! I’m here to report that remote sessions appear to really work! My three concerns were ongoing dizziness, malaise and swollen lymph nodes after catching a ‘really bad cold’. After session one, my dizziness was completely gone and has not returned. After session two, my energy is almost back to normal and the swelling is much reduced. I finally feel I am on the mend and was helped greatly by remote sessions. I so appreciate that you brought the Egg to Mt Shasta for the benefit of the community and beyond. Sound and light therapies are the healing wave of the time, and Donna and the “Nest” of Sacred Mountain Harmonics are clearly part of that healing wave.

Thank you for your sweet attention and intuitive healing grace. I feel well-cared for and am grateful to be feeling better. I am a great fan of the EGG experience and Donna’s healing space, and encourage anyone with even a whisper of need or interest to try it. Thank you!