Remote session - out of body experience, more patience...

Review:  I have had a few sessions in the Harmonic Egg and I must say that there is something different going on with me since my first session. I have to tell you that I am living in Portugal and my sessions have been done remotely.

I entered my first Harmonic Egg visit with a bit of doubts and wonderment if you really can be a half a world away and still feel something. As many of you who have tried the Harmonic Egg, I am sure that you were as much wonderment of what it is and what can it do. I approached with a two-fold intention. First off, my throat has been congested for over six months and I have tried several medicines and tests to get to the bottom of it. I thought that would be something that I can feel results.

Another intention was to be able to not be so anxious about my life. I was having trouble with having patience with things that happen in life as an everyday occurrence. I also have a very good friend, whom I love dearly but he can be so sarcastic and condescending. We have a very close relationship and I was finding myself getting very angry with him, even telling myself I might want to end this relationship.

OK-Enter the Harmonic Egg and my guide Donna. Donna was wonderful about laying out what I could expect and being totally positive and concerned about my health and my anxiousness.

On my first remote visit, I had trouble focusing and having my mind cleared out. Towards the end of the session I envisioned very bright lights and then lots of people dressed in white. Those visions only lasted a very short time and it felt like I was having an out of body experience.

After the session I had a very positive feeling and felt that something had been lifted off of me. I knew that Donna was on to something. I was not quite sure what, but something. I drank tons of water the next few days and felt those little things that made me impatient did not bother me so much.

I just did another remote session and it seemed like I kept expecting some kind of vision. I had a couple of moments where a mystical princesses appeared with a very warm blue color moving their lips but no sound coming out. Again the vision lasted just briefly but I felt that out of body experience again. I wrote all this down and Donna and I have discussed it. Dreams and the human mind are very complex and difficult to translate.

My conclusion with my sessions so far and how I am going to approach my next one is not to expect any kind of vision or sign. I am just going to turn my brain off for that 40 minutes, dive deep into the music and let the Harmonic Egg do what it does best.

I did not mention that my throat is better. Not perfect, but better.

As far as my friend, I feel like the hippy. I was back in 1964 (minus the drugs) and it is "whatever man, it's all cool" and I will be his friend forever.

As I told Donna "You are on to something with the Harmonic Egg. Thank you Donna and I look forward to next months session. -Mitch