Profound sense of calm, relaxing sleep

My curiosity was aroused by a pamphlet I noticed in a hotel elevator. In the past, I had on occasions conducted some amateur research into affects of sound on the mind and body. So seeing the Harmonic Egg advertised it immediately tweaked my desire to try it out. I quickly booked a session. I was given a thorough explanation and consultation on how it was constructed, how it works and the history of its development. This made me feel exceedingly enthralled and safe with the idea. I just had to try it. On entering the Egg I felt very comfortable as I lay back in the zero gravity chair, in air conditioned comfort. I was informed the session would last for 50 minutes within the wood chamber and reassured that I could call for assistance at any time. The chamber closed with the therapeutic lighting on and I lay back scoping out the internal shapes and construction. Then the sound commenced. The program I had chosen consisted primarily of very mellow cello music followed by a constant and very soothing background, a continuous drone sound. The lighting subtlety changed too. Within minutes, I had closed my eyes and had totally forgotten about trying to work out how it all worked and its construction. The cello became all encompassing to the point where I thought that the instrument was right in front of my nose while the harmonic drone continued in the background. My consciousness was directed toward the cello sound so much, so that the next sensation was as though I became that cello, masterfully floating into a profound sense of calm. The outside world did not exist. The business of life had faded away. Totally away! After this, I couldn’t tell when my mind had wandered. However, I knew I was not asleep but rather just in a complete repose. It truly was a close encounter of my relaxed mind. For me, this was a rarity. The only time that this changed during the session was when the cello sounds moved to that of the piano, but in no time at all, I drifted off once again to a place that only skilled meditators can describe. On this transition to piano I did very briefly become aware that my arms felt totally disconnected. Of course they weren’t, but the relaxation was so intense that it seemed that way. The next thing I knew was that there was a knocking at the door. My session was over. 50 minutes felt like 10. If you are on the hamster wheel of meetings, deadlines, reports, emails, zoom sessions and a host of other consultations. This is for you! After my session, I felt amazingly, alert, happy and content. That night I slept like I hadn’t for a long, long time, deep, relaxing sleep. I would recommend this to anyone. -Joe from Australia during his vacation in Thailand, April 2023