Post COVID symptoms GONE!! Improvement in cramping and clotting too!!

After hearing so many amazing things about the Egg. I finally did my first session. It did not disappoint. I get really horrible cramps, and clotting. I set my intention to have lighter periods. During my session though, I experienced a comforting sensation in my sinus cavity. Felt almost like someone was massaging my face. I had a sharp pain for 5 seconds in my tonsil area, and it quickly went away. When I got home I realized I could smell the flowers in my house very strongly... which threw me off because I haven't been able to smell anything since I had COVID in 2022. It's been a week since my session, and my taste has also returned.

Not only did my session help with something I wasn't expecting. But it did help with my original intention which was to help with my period. I usually have heavy periods for 7 days, and after my session, I had 24 hours of heavy bleeding or detoxing, my period then slowed down and came to a complete stop after 4 days. I am looking forward to my next session, and I just have no words about how amazing it was. I love it.
:) :) :)