Pain relief, rejuvenation, healing, alertness

"I’ve been wanting to try the Harmonic Egg since I first heard about it.  The closest Egg Center was six hours from me.  With Egg Centers popping up everywhere, now I only have to travel one hour for my weekly sessions at Megan Fesmire’s Harmony and Light Wellness in Port Jefferson, NY.  This is my story.  I have two issues going on in my body:  A giant hemangioma in my liver (picture a grapefruit), and back pain.  I’ve had two back surgeries.  The first surgery was in 2021 to fix a herniated disc and Foot Drop (compression of a nerve in the leg that controls the muscles involved in lifting the foot).  13 Months later I had a second back surgery since I had another herniated disc and a cyst causing me more pain.  Two years later I still have back pain and the pain is going down my leg into my calf, making it very painful to stand. At this time, I am feeling frustrated and hopeless.  My doctor recommends either an injection, or eventually a disc fusion.  I don’t want to do either, which brings me to the Harmonic Egg. During my first session, the music Megan programmed for me was to address my liver.  My mind starts wandering in a field of tall grasses, then immediately flips to me being in the clouds with angels.  Studies show that liver and gut issues can be a result of abandonment, which was news to me.  As I’m being transported in the Egg, a person who abandoned me surprisingly came through.  I also felt pulsing in my calf where my pain is.  I felt my bad leg give a little twitch a couple of times.  That night in bed when I typically try to crack my back, I was able to get a good clunk in my spine.  Something released and I felt tremendous relief.  A couple of days later though, I felt the nerve pain starting to return after some physical labor. Most importantly to me, have been the positive results I have seen with my back and leg pain.  After my third Egg session I’m beginning to think I finally found a cure.  I had a deep sense of gratitude during my session.  No more pain going down my leg.  My foot is not slapping the ground when I walk anymore.  I feel completely rejuvenated.  In my application form at Harmony and Light Wellness, Megan asks how my general health felt.  Sadly, I wrote declining.  Now I feel younger and more alert. Megan offers music you can play at home and in bed. I believe this is a big contribution to my healing.  I highly recommend getting the music.  So, when the Egg Centers say they can do remote sessions, it is true.  It works.  It truly seems like a miracle that I have a new spring in my step. -Elaine-"