Pain Management, Neuropathy, 0verall Wellness

Today I took the day off of exercise and ventured a 4.5-hour round trip to experience a Harmonic Egg at the recommendation of my friend. I’ve had 25 surgeries, managed two chronic conditions, and today my pain was level 10.

What an amazing recommendation for pain management and overall wellness. I found a healing center, a truly peaceful place; Realign Your Wellness Center in Mesa, AZ. Phenomenal. They have not one but two Harmonic Eggs.

I was also able to bring my neighbor with me who is a retired pianist because of near crippling neuropathy. She has a marvelous spirit, but she too is in tremendous pain which is stopping her life, like me. So she and I have combined forces!!!

She had an excellent experience today as did I. I wish I would’ve snapped a picture of the two of us coming out of our prospective eggs. Smiles told the story. Betty (76 years young) plans on returning. I will be returning to this treatment also.

Try this. Try this. Try this.

--Ann Mooney Herbes