My 9 year Old Loved it!

I have been a fan of the Harmonic Egg for 2 years now, but on a recent trip to Maui I also had my 9 year old daughter join in on the experience.  Sandy was very welcoming and encouraging to have her come in to try it out.  Prior to the session she took lots of time to explain to my daughter what will happen during her session, showed her the egg, where she will sit, discussed her intentions with her and answered all of her questions. My daughter absolutely loved it!  When I asked my daughter what was her favorite part of the egg session, she said it was the quiet time to herself at the end.  Proving we ALL need some quiet time through out the day- at any age!  The Harmonic Egg is a perfect addition to your routine at any age! PS- her second favorite part of the experience was the electrolyte drink after :)