Mental Clarity

(Bangkok, Thailand - June 2024) This was my first time trying the Harmonic Egg. The whole session is about 50 minutes. When you start at the beginning, you will be seated in a comfortable chair, and then they will position the posture into an almost weightless position. The lighting and the music are set according to what you want to boost and release within your body. I have chosen to enhance mental clarity and release chronic stress. As soon as the session started, I was in a sphere surrounded by violet color lighting, which is the color that relaxes me. When the music started, I relaxed right away. After about 5 to 10 minutes into the session, my body fell into deep sleep mode. During the session, I experienced and recalled some of my previous recordings of my personal life in which some of these fragments of my memory were times of long, long ago. When the session ended, I felt a sense of relief and release. It is like having a minor rejuvenating experience on my personal journey. I certainly have gained what I had in mind, and it’s to find some clarity in my life and reduce the stress I’ve been experiencing from day-to-day work. For people who have high tension and stress all the time, I highly recommend you give this a try because it certainly helped me.

本人第一次用Harmonic Egg, 整個療程大約50分鐘,當療程開始時,你會坐上一張好舒服嘅大班椅,之後工作人員會將張椅調校到一個位置,感覺你個身體好似在懸浮無重嘅感覺,療程用嘅燈光同音樂係按照你自己想要求去舒緩或者去增進你自己身體嘅元素去調節,這個療程我選擇了增加我嘅思維嘅清晰度同嘗試舒緩我嘅嚴重壓力,療程開始時我選擇嘅元素係用紫色嘅燈光,在紫色嘅燈光下我感覺到寧靜,當音樂開始時我感覺全身開始鬆弛,當療程去到5至10分鐘之後我個人墮入一個深層睡眠嘅狀態,喺呢個情況之下我個腦裏面產生咗一啲我人生比較早嘅片段呢啲片段喺我生命裏邊好耐冇出現過,當療程結束之後音樂會停止,但燈光會持續亮起之後工作人員會協助你離開Harmonic Egg. 當這個療程結束後,我感覺到一種舒緩同放鬆嘅感覺,我覺得我人生好似有一種細微嘅重生同釋懷,對於我嚟講我覺得這次嘅療程我得到一啲得着,就係我能夠鬆弛自己

— Mr. K from Hong Kong