Life Changing, Left Feeling Lighter, Third Eye Opening

Wow, 🤯 what an experience! Yesterday, I had my appointment at Resonance, where I tried out the Harmonic Egg with Brittany Haack. I never imagined the profound impact it would have on me while I was in the chamber! I could feel the energy pulsating through my body, on my face, and all around me. The experience inside that machine was truly mind-blowing. I had visions of many things, including my beloved animals that have passed away, and I found myself able to let go and forgive those who have caused me pain. Britt helped me understand everything that unfolded and emphasized the importance of forgiveness for our own healing and growth, not just for others. Today, I feel incredible, vibrating at a higher frequency, feeling lighter, and sensing deep healing in my heart. This is exactly where I need to be so I can continue to support others and shine my light in this sometimes very dark world.🫶 I am a client for life now! Thank you Brittany you are absolutely amazing and I appreciate you so much ❤️