Smell is back, brain injury (TBI)

"I was a bit skeptical about the whole “Egg” concept and very anxious on my first visit. Deborah and Ryan made it nothing less than comfortable for me talking through every single fear of the “unknown” that I had. My first visit opened up my nasal passages allowing me to breathe like I haven’t been able to since my car accident and brain injury 6 years ago. I lost my sense of smell from the time of the accident but can now smell strong smells which is a whole new world for me! Something I thought I had lost forever! I have done three sessions in the past few months foregoing my regular treatments of chiropractic and massage and I am elated to report that I am seeing such incredible results that I am going to be a bi-monthly regular as it seems to be a much safer, calmer, non-invasive approach than my other avenues I’ve been doing. It is much like going in for a massage but no one is touching you! I love my time in the “Egg” to just decompress, relax, let go and release all the tensions, worries and anxieties I carry daily. Give it a try! You won’t be disappointed. I promise." Kelly M (Rocklin, Ca)