With Nonverbal Autism

Our son Grayson was diagnosed with autism in September of 2023. Autism does not define him but it does affect every part of his daily life. Grayson is mostly nonverbal which creates challenges for him to communicate & he also deals with sensory processing disorder which in combination together can lead to outbursts of frustration and feelings of him being uncomfortable in his own skin. As his mom I am flooded with the responsibility of advocating for him, scheduling appointments, and making sure he has access to every therapy available to help him live a comfortable & happy life. When I first came across resonance & harmonic egg I was instantly intrigued and wanted to find out more. I reached out about how this would work for a very active busy little 3.5 year old & Britt assured me how beneficial the harmonic egg is for people of all ages on the autism spectrum and we would follow Graysons lead. Our first experience in the egg was out this world. We started with a personalized intake conversation that covered all the areas that needed special attention (sensory processing issues, and communication) tears were shed as I felt I was in a safe space to open up to Britt and share my struggles as a mother of an autistic child.

I was met with compassion, empathy and most importantly hope. I had low expectations of how long Grayson would last but Britt promised he would benefit from however long we made it. Grayson lasted 40 full minutes inside the egg!! We snuggled in the chair, chatted back and forth, I did some deep pressure massage and there were prolonged moments of complete calmness from Grayson that are rare to witness. He loved watching the lights and listening to the nature sounds playing. The experience inside the egg was surreal, but the real magic happens after the sessions in the egg, In the week following, I noticed a sense of peace in Graysons day to day life, he was chatting more than ever and his dad & I began to hear words that sounded a lot like "mom, cara(sister), all done, go, cookie, happy birthday". His sleep was getting better, and small success in clothing aversions were starting to come along.

We've been back to the egg 3 times, and Grayson can't get inside fast enough. He really loves it & seems to be more connected to his body after every session. I have now started to utilize the harmonic egg by myself as Resonance truly believes in healing the whole family. Britt put a huge emphasis on making sure as Graysons primary caregiver I was taking care of myself in mind, body and spirit and I will forever be thankful for her for that. We will continue to use the harmonic egg as a main therapy with our family and especially the electrolytes that are important to drink before and after to stay hydrated during any detoxing that happens. I can't say thank you enough to Brittany at Resonance for bringing this to our area, and especially the autistic community.

-Jenna Hoffarth, a hopeful mother